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Amazfit Powerbuds Pro

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The Amazfit Powerbuds Pro are a versatile pair of buds that’ll serve you well whether you’re running or working. But, we’ve added them to this list as they’re an excellent choice if you’d like to track your fitness but don’t want to bother with a wristband or sports watch – these buds use in-ear tracking instead.

Your Smart Sports Partner

Sound is bass-heavy, which we prefer while working out, and the active noise cancellation effectively masks sounds when you need to focus on your fitness. Meanwhile, there’s in-ear fitness tracking, thanks to a hear-rate monitor in the buds that keeps tabs on you while you exercise. They sync this data with the Zepp Health app on your phone. Data from any other Amazfit fitness trackers and smart scales will be collected in the same place, so you can easily track trends.

Powerful Active Noise Cancellation

If you do want to use them for other purposes, the Powerbuds Pro can also check the position of your head in relation to your spine while you’re working to determine whether you’re slouching and putting yourself at risk of back and neck problems further down the road.

Heart Rate Monitoring

They’re not quite perfect. We found the heart rate measurements to be consistently higher than those measured by our chest strap monitor, and there are no ear hooks to hold them securely as there were with the original Powerbuds. However, they’re an excellent choice if you just want best workout earbuds for all purposes.

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