Polk Audio Atrium 4 Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor Speakers

The compact Atrium 4 loudspeaker produces high fidelity sound quality anywhere you want great sound. Its small size makes it ideal for tight, out-of-way installations. With an aluminum dome tweeter and polypropylene cone driver in each speaker enjoy deep, accurate bass and smoother response. Polk’s patented Dynamic Balance and Klippel Optimization technologies ensure perfect material performance, eliminating driver and tweeter “artifacts” for more realistic sound reproduction at high and low volume levels.

Polk Audio Atrium 4

The weatherproof cabinet features a rustproof aluminum grille, rustproof aluminum bracket, and stainless steel/brass hardware that can endure seasonal change and provide great indoor speaker-quality sound for years of outdoor listening enjoyment. Quick and easy to install with Polk’s Speed Lock Mounting system.

This model is built to last and to work well outside. It can be installed literally anywhere, as its durable outside can handle any kind of damage or weather.

The speakers are also often praised for their look – they are large and have a stylish design. The shape also helps it radiate the sound over a large space.

The device uses a polymer cone for better sound dispersion, and has a good amount of power. The 80-watt speakers are able to make a very high amount of volume.


  • Weighing 3.6 pounds and having fairly small dimensions, this is a very portable and light speakers
  • Very high quality materials, both for the speakers themselves and the mounting system
  • The speakers are fairly loud, and the volume is enough for any yard party


  • Does not have enough bass, but that is understandable for their size and power

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